PHP Developer Barcelona

Name: Oscar Ferraro

Date of birth: 13‑Oct‑1977

Residence place: Barcelona - España

Nationality: Italian

Mobile: (+34) 626 59 46 60



Languages: English and Spanish

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Oscar Ferraro

Web developer PHP - Linux and IT Security Administrator - IT Teacher.

I am a Web PHP Developer and also a Linux Administrator, I have more than 13 years of experience in PHP programming and related technologies. Typically I work with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Less, Sass, Gulp, Web Design, Responsive, template systems (like Smarty, Blade, Twig), Javascript, Jquery, Angularjs, Ionic, JSON, XML, Mysql, Memcache, Redis, Mongo, MS SQL, Postgres, SQLite, etc.

I have experience with PHP Frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Kohana, Symfony I, Symfony II, Yii, etc and without Frameworks, coding from scratch and with legacy websites.

I have worked with CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, etc.

Virtualization systems like XEN, VirtualBox, VMWare, Vagrant, Docker, etc.

I have worked freelance, in small and big teams, in charge of teams, with agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.

I have also worked with technologies like Nodejs, Unit tests, APIs like Facebook, Pusher, APCO, Mercado Pago.

When I started working in IT I worked with Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, etc.

I have been working with Linux for more than 13 years, I have a very good knowledge of these distributions: Debian, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Red Hat, RHEL, Centos, Fedora and some experience with FreeBSD.

I have worked in small and big projects, like CRMs, newsletters, ecommerce, managment systems, entertainment, medicine, coupon/discount systems, etc.

I like teaching and I have more than 10 years of teaching experience, I teached courses at Red Hat, IBM, and in recognized institutes and Universities of Latinamerica. I have teached PHP, Red Hat and IT Security.

I have worked with design, using Photoshop, Gimp, Fireworks and I worked with SEO and SEM too.

I have experience with version control systems and scrum tools like SVN, GIT, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Mercurial, Trello, Jira, Atlassian, etc.

As a freelancer I worked with high traffic websites like freelancers websites, coupons/discounts, food delivery, etc

profesional experience
Web developer PHP, Linux administrator, Technical Support, Teacher.
Free Lance: 01-1997 - Currently.

Websites development PHP, Linux Servers administrator, IT instructor.

Web Developer PHP/Python (Fullstack)
Getfinancing: 05-2017 - Currently.

PHP/Python Developer - MariaDB/Mongo/CouchDeveloper and related technologies like: HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, Nodejs, Jquery, etc. Versioning with Git. Linux Administration, etc.

Web Developer (Fullstack) - Linux Administrator
Werfenlife: 01-2017 - 05-2017.

PHP/MariaDB Developer and related technologies like: HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, Nodejs, Reactjs, Jquery, Laravel, Codeigniter, etc. Versioning with Git. Linux Administration, etc.

Web Developer (Fullstack) - Linux Administrator
Duplexmarketing: 07-2016 - 01-2017.

PHP/MariaDB Developer and related technologies like: HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, Nodejs, Reactjs, Jquery, Laravel, Codeigniter, etc. Versioning with Git. Linux Administration, etc.

Web Developer (Fullstack) - Linux Administrator - Part-time
Prospectos Online: 08-2015 - 7-2016.

PHP/MariaDB Developer and related technologies like: HTML5, CSS3, XML, AJAX, JSON, Angularjs, Jquery, Laravel, Codeigniter, Nodejs, etc. Versioning with Git. Linux Administration, etc.

Web developer PHP - Mysql - Linux administrator (Ubuntu / Centos)
Just Some Coding: 05-2013 - 02-2015.

PHP/Mysql Developer and related technologies: HTML, XML, CSS, Mysql, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, Jquery, Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc. Versioning with Git. Linux Administration: instalation, administration, deployment, configuration, security, etc.

Web developer PHP - Mysql - Linux administrator (Ubuntu).
42 Telecom: 07-2012 - 05-2013.

PHP/Mysql Developer, Javascript, XML, Jquery, AJAX, etc.

Linux Administration: instalation, deployment, configuration, security, etc.

Web developer PHP - Mysql - Linux administrator (RHEL, Centos and Ubuntu)
Mediabit: 04-2010 - 04-2011. (Contractor)

PHP Developer, Kohana, CMS (Joomla), for one ecommerce project.
Linux Administration.
Working with Scrum.

GLS Instructor: Red Hat Linux
Red Hat: 10-2008 - 04-2010.

In charge of teach official courses in Argentina and other countries of Latin America.
Set up of the trainning enviroment, check/correct material, take exams

Programming with PHP/Mysql/PostgreSQL.
Linux administrator (Debian y Suse)
Netintek Argentina: 01-2005 - 10-2008.

Programmer Analyst: PHP/Mysql, Postgresql, MS SQL, AJAX, Drupal, etc.

Linux Administraton: instalation, deployment, configuration, security.

Development and administration of E-mail marketing systems - newsletters.

PHP Developer.

SEO: Organic / Google Ads.

Linux administrator (Red Hat - Mandrake).
Trustation Argentina: 12-2003 - 01-2005.

Linux administration: installation, deployment, configuration, security, teaching.

Poder Judicial
Customer service (Auxiliar Cuarto) / technician
Poder Judicial, Fuero Penal Quilmes: 09-1998 - 12-2003.

Delphi Developer, Desktop systems (with distribuited databases) to manage court cases, Messaging network systems, computers stock management system, etc.

teaching experience
PHP, Linux Instructor and IT Security.
Educacionit: 04/10 - 08/2010 y 02/2012 - 04/2012.

In charge of teach: PHP/Mysql and IT Security.

Creating courses content, ie: JQuery.

PHP Instructor
CentralTECH: 09-2011 - 10-2011 - 02-2015.

In charge of teach PHP/Mysql.

Linux Instructor - Debian
Xtech: 05-2011 - 07-2011.

Linux Instructor.

Linux Instructor, PHP/Mysql Instructor
Proyecto Programar: 03-2011 - 10-2011.

In charge of teach Linux and PHP/Mysql.

Linux Instructor - Ubuntu
IBM: 03-2011 - 06-2011.

In charge of teach Linux at IBM. Networking administration course for technical high schools.

Linux Instructor, PHP and Security
Linux College: 08/06/07 - 05/11/08 and 01/04/10 - 01/10/10.

In charge of teach PHP/Mysql, IT Security/Hacking Linux and Linux Carreer.

Linux Instructor
Trustation: 12-2003 - 11-2004.

In charge of teach Linux (Trustix, Debian, Mandrake and Red Hat), at Trustation, EXO, Universidad de Palermo, Ceitech, Caterpillar, ONTI, etc.

In charge of teach: Trustix Linux - Networking - Security, Web Programming - Kernel (Linux) course - PHP - Linux seminars (Migrating to Linux, Linux beginners, Linux Servers, How to sell Linux, Instalation, etc).

Linux Seminar

Linux Seminar of Instalation, Software alternatives, GNU, GPL, etc.

Academic Studies
Programmer Analyst Career
Universidad Católica de La Plata: 01-2001 - 1-2006.

Incomplete Degree (3rd year completed, 4th year attended).

Aditional Courses
Angularjs intensive course - ITMaster
07-2015 - 09-2015.
Angularjs - HTML5 - CSS
Web design and Mobile design - Davinci
04-2015 - 08-2015.

Photoshop - UX/UI - HTML5 - CSS3 - Responsive Web Design - Mobile first.

Red Hat certifications (805008155135323)

RH184 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Virtualization
9-12-2008 and 10-12-2008.

Virtualization Course: XEN

RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration
16-11-2008 - 21-11-2008.

Administration and Security course with Red Hat Enterprise.

RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration
13-10-2008 - 17-10-2008.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Local Administration course

DBA Oracle
03-2007 - 06-2007.

First level

11-2006 - 12-2006.

Java / J2SE

CCNA - Cisco
03-2004 - 03-2005.

Cisco Networking

Linux Career
02-2004 - 5-2004.

Linux Course - Certified by UTN (University) and Linux College.

Security and Hacking
02-2004 - 03-2004

Security and hacking course.

Web Programming course
01-2004 a 02-2004.

Web Programming course

C Programming
4-2003 - 10-2003.

C Programming course (Borland C).

Typing course
08-1998 - 12-1998.
Visual Basic Programming
Bs Training Center: 4-2002 - 8-2002.

Programming with Microsoft Tools (Visual Basic).

Borland Delphi Programming
4-2002 - 12-2002.

Borland Delphi Programming course

Borland Pascal Programming
4-2001 - 12-2001.

Borland Pascal Programming course

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